‘Dump Site’ opens!!

I’m performing in a new play, Dump Site, from April 30 – June 7.

This is a unique play in so many ways – the script, the venue, the audience interaction. It’s a paradigm shift on the whole theatre going experience.

The show is put on by Seattle Immersive Theatre. The name is appropriate; this is an immersive experience for everyone involved, including the audience. Each show is very intimate – about 20 people per performance.

Limited tickets available at: http://bit.ly/dumpsiteseattle

More show details: www.facebook.com/events/750531745065806/



While planning his father’s funeral, washed-up horror novelist Reed Pickering (Simon Hamlin) discovers evidence connecting him to the disappearance of a local Seattle teen (Rebekah Boroughs) sometime in the early 80s. With help from his sister Charlotte (Evelyn DeHais), he must find a way to separate fact from fiction and confront the grisly truth about their childhood by unearthing the skeletons of their father’s past. Seattle Immersive Theatre invites you to join Reed in this densely-plotted investigation into the nature of obsession set here in the dark heart of the Pacific Northwest.


DUMP SITE performs at an undisclosed, secret location inside Seattle city limits. An address and directions to the venue (free parking available) will be emailed to you following your ticket purchase, one week prior to your scheduled performance. If you have specific questions or need special accommodations, please contact us at info@seattleimmersivetheatre.org prior to your purchase. Seattle Immersive Theatre makes every effort to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, but the unconventional spaces in which we work are not always accessible.

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